Nero Burning Problem Please Help!!

By georgieb123 ·
Whenever i try to burn a movie to a dvd using nero recode (version 9 ) it keeps on coming up with the same error ' cannot complete the burn' i have looked o other websites and they have said it could have something to do with the DMA being off. So, i went into device manager, IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and found that on all channels it was enabled!! Would really appreciate some advice on how to enable the DMA (on Vista 64bit) and also how i can fix the burning issue (if its caused by something that is unrelated)

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Nero in any form was never designed

by OH Smeg In reply to Nero Burning Problem Plea ...

To Violate Copyright Protection. It is used to make copies of Unprotected Items like your Data on your HDD and things like that.

Windows Vista in any form also employs Copyright Protection and overrides most Burning Software to prevent it being used to Violate Copyright.

So in answer to your question here you need to use a product specifically designed to make copies of whatever it is you are attempting to copy and it needs to override Windows Vista DRM. With a recent Court Ruling in the US this type of Software will be getting harder to obtain as it is considered by the US Courts as Illegal.

Also on a side note recently I have had several batches of Faulty DVD's that are the sole course for failed burns. So if this is not copyrighted material you are attempting to copy look at the Media that you are using. Even if you have successfully used it previously if it has been exposed to Sunlight it may have gone off and no longer work or it just may not be up to scratch and be part of a Faulty Batch.


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