By steve.mallard ·
Installed NeroVision 8 latest and greatest. No other software (Burning) on computer (Pentium 4 2gb RAM 250 GB Harddrive)Sony 840U external USB DVD burner. Sometimes it'll burn, sometimes it won' error messages, even in logs. Screen begins to go through slide show of pictures (only 500mb of pictures)...if it burns correctly, it will as for a DVD, it then burns. if not, the program stops and returns to the main menu. I have uninstalled, reinstalled. Antivirus on computer is AVG, scanned for all Malware/Spyware. Oh, and Windows XP with all updates.

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Lots of description - but NO real content . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to NeroVision

What computer system are we talking about here?

Why are you using an EXTERNAL usb burner?
Is / was there something wrong with the internal burner?
If so, was it ever corrected?

What EXACTLY are you having difficulty trying to burn to disc?

Why do you have a slideshow while committed to a burn?

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by steve.mallard In reply to Lots of description - but ...

Client Workstation
External because they use it among several computers
No internal burner... see above
When you select several pictures in NeroVision for a slide show, and begin the burn process, it will 'bail out and return to the menu' It does randomly burn..

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Issues with USB external drives...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to NeroVision

I have seen issues with USB drives that were caused by faulty USB port drivers.

Disconnect the USB drive, reboot and then look to see if the device is still listed in Device Manager. If so, remove it. Then, while the system is still running, plug the ext. unit back in.
In My computer, is the drive listed with a number after the description name (ie. #2, #3, etc.)?

I know this sounds too simple... but try a different USB port on the case.

Other than that, I have to side with Mycroft, in that more info is needed.

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will try

by steve.mallard In reply to Issues with USB external ...

will try a different port... (possibly too much on one hub? {several devices are plugged in}

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Just wondering...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to NeroVision

Were you able to resolve your issue?
If so, what was the fix?

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