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    Nervous during interview


    by bryan lee ·

    hie i hope someone can help me.I am from Malaysia.Recently I pass my MCP and i have been looking for a tech job for 2 months but each time i failed during interview coz i always give the answer that out of topic. Please someone help me

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      Don’t pretend to know the answer

      by qomputek ·

      In reply to Nervous during interview

      Be honest. Let them know you’re looking for a break. You just want someplace to start. Don’t try to answer question you don’t know the answer too. You look much better in their eyes if you just say “I’m sorry I’m not sure of the answer to that question.”

      Also go back and review the questions you were given. Find out what the correct answer was so you’ll know it on the next interview.

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        Thats Real Good Advice

        by radiic ·

        In reply to Don’t pretend to know the answer

        Dont BS the Guy interviewing you. If they ask you a question you are not sure of you are better off stating so. say something like ” I am not sure of the answer to that, but I will find out” It demeonstrates that you are A. Honest and B. Willing to look up the answer. Most IT managers know that IT personal are not and cannot know the answer to every type of IT question there is. So the important thing to try and get accros to the person interviewing you is that you have the willingness andthe know-how to find answers.

        Lets say he asks you a question about SQL server and you dont have a clue. Tell him you dont, but that you would look on MS Tech-Net to start tracking the answer.

        Sorrry for repeating what qomputek said but what he said was very important and thats what i am trying to stress to you. Also dont be nervous, whats the worst thing they can do to you, not offer you the job 🙂

        Also make sure the job you are looking for is not The Admin job right away. If You have to start as a PC tech and work your way up then by all means start there. Remember Your Cert is just a paper stating that you passed a test, I personally think that Experience in the field outways the Cert, or at least backsup the cert.

        Good Luck

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      ESL Difficulties

      by sbworks ·

      In reply to Nervous during interview

      You might have an extra knock if English is your second language. Take the time to listen to the entire question and not respond immediately. Use the spin of “Are you *listening* or just waiting to talk?”

      Feel free to ask a clarifiying question is they speak to fast – after all, tech-talk is difficult for native speakers to understand.

      Also, try to find a company that already has a non-native speaker or two as they are more likely to understand the best way to communicate with you.

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      Pressure test

      by tony derosa ·

      In reply to Nervous during interview

      Often interviewers will grill and pressure you to determine your reaction to stress. You must learn to calm yourself (deep breadths, visions of Brittany Spears, whatever…) and respond clearly and to the point. Even if the point is, “I am not sure,but I can research that using XXX…”. In that situation, it is more important to exhibit a clear and logical thought process and poise under pressure.

      If you leave an interview and think, “I knew that answer, why didn’t I think of it then?” then you are succombing to pressure and need to learn to calm yourself and think clearly.

      Your interviewer knows you lack experience. He may be trying to rattle your cage and/or gauge your troubleshooting potential. Don’t panic, answer honestly andtry to have confidence in yourself. Even if your response turns out to be wrong, the interviewer can get a sense you are capable and professional.

      Also, you must learn to communicate clearly. If English is your second language, take your time, simplify your expressions, and try to answer as clearly as possible.

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      Take time to answer

      by workinonit! ·

      In reply to Nervous during interview

      Take a breath and think about the question before you answer. They will wait, trust me. Then if you are unclear about the topic, you can ask them to be more specific in the question.

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      The topic is the JOB!

      by questor_elf ·

      In reply to Nervous during interview

      You stated that you “failed during interviews because you always give an out-of-topic answer.”

      Well, you’re not the only one to suffer from this. Reality is that IT professionals are rarely out doing the interviewing game. What they’re really more able to do is the actual work.

      When it comes to a job interview, there’s always one topic you can come back to. It’s the reason you’re there. It’s called the JOB!

      It’s extremely easy to trip up oneself in a conversation where so much consequence lies in your actions. It’s interesting, though, because some people (interviewers and interviewees alike) try treating the interview as a casual conversation, yet they know so much is at stake. The focus can be so much on trying not to blowit, whether it’s the anxious candidate who wants to get in or the boss who wants to make sure he hires right. In such high stress, though, it’s easy for people to forget why they’re there.

      So if you find yourself in this situation again, you canalways anchor the conversation back to where it belongs. You can ask the interviewer how what you’re talking about relates to the job.

      And even better yet, before you have your actual interview, ask about how the interviews will go. Ask about who’ll be interviewing you and when. And, of course, you can always ask how each interview relates to your doing of the job. Then you’ll be very prepared to speak to your competence regarding the job, and enjoy the butterflies.

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