Nested folder access via UNC does not work

By wildkats ·
Hi, after about an hour of searching these forums I haven't found much so I'm hoping someone can help. Sorry for the long post.

The Envrionment:

There is a user called "UserA" in a child domain called "DomainA". I've got a Windows 2003 server called "Server1" sharing a folder shared as "share1". This server resides in a different child domain called "DomainB". Under share1 there is a sub/nested folder called "sub folderA" (note the space in the folder name). We don't want UserA to have access to everything in share1 but do want UserA to have access to subfolderA. So on the NTFS permissions for "sub folderA" we granted full access to Everyone. The share permissions for share1 has full access for Everyone but the NTFS permissions for share1 does not include access for UserA. UserA is not explicitly denied access either.

The Problem:

UserA cannot access the folder using the UNC "\\server1\share1\sub folderA" (double quotes used in the 'run' line) or "\\<server1's IP address>\share1\sub folderA".

My understanding is that if a sub/nested folder has proper access for UserA in the NTFS security then UserA should be able to access the sub folderA via a full UNC to that folder. I thought it was a WINS issue so I tried the IP address instead of the servername but no luck.

Does UserA need explicit NTFS rights to sub folderA for this to work? I thought Everyone means everyone?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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Share permissions too

by Churdoo In reply to Nested folder access via ...

Yes this should work if permissions are set properly. You didn't mention what error you get and when. Is UserA unable to map to the share, i.e. net use "\\server1\share1\sub folderA"? If not, what error? Or can he map with the above command but gets Access Denied trying to open an explorer window to the path?

First, check the Share Permissions on the root share \\server1\share1 as UserA will need full control on the Share Permissions if he is to have full control on \\server1\share1\sub folderA.

Second, for NTFS permissions, I think UserA at least needs List Folder Contents permissions on the Share1 directory in order to dig into the sub folderA. The Everyone Full Control on sub folderA is fine.

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network path not found

by wildkats In reply to Share permissions too

Thanks for the suggestions! Here are the results...

Using net use ... results in "The network path was not found". This made me think that it's a WINS error but trying it using the IP instead of hostname didn't work either.

"Everyone" has full share access to the Share1 share so that's not it.

I've thought and am aware that granting 'traverse folder' permissions will solve this issue but the contents of the root share is very sensitive where even file and folder names are confidential.

Our other option is to place the files into a more public share. However, we would like to get to the root cause of this if possible.

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