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By cotmewith ·
how .net is superior to java or vice versa?
which technology has the greater potential to be used in the future software development process.?

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by j.lupo In reply to .net

There are a lot of answers to your question depending on what you want to know. First, Java is a programming language for developing applications. Usually Web-based applications, though I have seen it used elsewhere. It is platform independent in theory, though I have seen a few minor issues popup.

.net is a framework for development. You can work within the .net framework. It does a lot of things for you, but I have found most of those things inefficient if you know what you are doing as a programmer. Personally, I prefer my own "garbage" cleanup and memory controls than .net's.

You might want to do some google on the history of .net and java to get a round picture of the two.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to .net

Hmmm! I can answer this question simply. Because .net have C# language. C# aims to combine the high productivity of
Visual Basic, the raw power of C++ and the elegance of Java.

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