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By mocheeze ·
Just trying to get some advice for what to expect as a net admin. Been in the feild for about 4 years now, have 2 certs. Going for more. Starting in Oct. i will be enrolled for my A.S. in computer networking eng. followed by B.S. in networking managment. just trying to get the feel of a net admin/eng. i always wanted to do that kind of work. really just wanted to start out as a network tech, then move up. if you have advice, i would love to hear it.


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Long-term outlook?

by blarman In reply to Net Admin Advice

I recommend figuring out what your ultimate career goal is, and working with that in mind. If you love doing support and want to continue, the road you have chosen sounds pretty good. If you want to branch out a little bit, security is a pretty close match which ties very nicely with network admin and expands your knowledge set. I would also STRONGLY recommend knowing networking in both MS and Linux. All the road signs point to Linux becoming a bigger player in the market.

If you decide that management is for you, I would recommend taking basic business classes - maybe even an MBA. The most fundamental difference between the technician and an IT manager is knowing how to look at a solution and acquire the funding for it. A strong business background will vastly help you out there.

Good Luck.

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Little confused about networking

by fuudrevoo In reply to Net Admin Advice

Hey im a student doing my engineering wanted to know that if i have 3 buildings containing 30 workstations each so how will i provide a network connection between them using internet wat type of wires will i use and wat else will be required please mention in deep giving the product names too
thanking you,
Murtuza S.E. Lokhandwala

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Ha Ha

by JimHM In reply to Little confused about net ...

300 Feet of Wax Twine and two soup can's -

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Sweet..You have real Wax Twine!

by TomSal In reply to Ha Ha

That's awesome...right now we are still using the old fashion string. I'm hoping with be using the Wax Twine in the next year or so. Would be nice to have official Campbell Soup cans too..right now we have "No Frills".

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You got Soup Cans?!!!!!!!

by admin In reply to Sweet..You have real Wax ...

MAn I gotta get a bigger budget, we got the styrofoam coffee cups! When a Workstation breaks someone has to go to McDonalds to go through their dumpster! Man, metal soup cans WOULD be trick!


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You have options

by TomSal In reply to Little confused about net ...

The nice thing is in the given scenario you have options. Your options are swayed by many factors however the three MAIN ones are:

1) What is your budget?
2) How critical is security?
3) How critical is optimum speed?

If you have deep pockets and you need speed and security...

You want to go the route of a fiber back bone. You didn't mention the distance between buildings which is a very big detail you leave out. IF the distance is great you can lease lines from your teleco but this will incur expensive to are you Friggin INSANE!!! kind of monthly charges (Bandwidth across the WAN isn't cheap).

Of course if your buildings are only a 100 feet or so apart (even this can be expensive, that's why people don't like doing long fiber runs they are EXPENSIVE) you can have fiber lines trenched into the ground. This would be your fiber backbone and you'd consult with a professional datacomm cabling company to do this job. They know how to install it to required specs and any codes. THIS WILL NOT BE CHEAP! (Warning you now).

However this will give you killer bandwidth between your buildings, it will also be invulnerable to EMI.

Go cheaper and if speed isn't as important there are many other ways to connect your buildings.

You could go wireless - you won't get 1 gb going wireless unless you want to get a license from the FCC (if you are in the states) and don't mind plunking down the equivalent to $10,000 - $15,000 US. The good news is you can get 54mbps from off the shelf products.

Of course this is just pecking on the surface.

You still need to secure the connections with IDS, Firewalls, strong policies, etc. You'll need to do even more with wireless security.

Just trying to get the wheels spinning.

PS. People do this kind of networking all the time, its not that hard -- you just need to know your finances and more importantly your NEEDS.

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