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Net admins, does your equipment always get the blame?

By jdclyde ·
EVERYTIME there is a problem with email, even though I am NOT the Email Admin, it gets dumped on ME to find the problem, even by the EMAIL "Admin". After all, it goes over the network so it must be MY equipments fault because it COULDN'T be a problem with the server, right?

We stopped receiving ALL incoming emails. WTF???
Outgoing worked just find. Double WTF???

So I went through the router, no problems.
So I went through the firewall, no problems.
So I went through our network provider, no problems. (opened case to make them double check the network)
So I went through our DNS register, no problems. (opened case to make them double check the the settings)
was about to open a case with our firewall support when I saw where others had encountered a similar problem, and they linked to the MS site on how to trouble shoot an email server.

Followed the steps, two minutes later, bingo, it was the black list on our email server (run by the Email "Admin").

After I showed her, she turned that "feature" off and SHE had "fixed" the incoming email....

grrrrr. Next person that comes in my office is going to get bit!

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Wireless issues

by NickNielsen In reply to Net admins, does your equ ...

Spent most of my day trying to figure out why wireless scanners drop off line at random intervals. Took one with me as I walked the store and found a few holes, so I adjusted the antennas on the access points. Walked the store again and found much better coverage, but the scanners still drop off line, even with sufficient signal.

Contacted network support, they checked the NAT server (which I don't have access to) and found persistent CRC errors at the input from the wireless network, which were apparently causing network timeouts. I spent 6-1/2 hours troubleshooting a problem that was fixed by a server reboot that, according to the call data, had already happened.

I'll see your grrrrr and raise you a grr.

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Make people disappear.....

by jdclyde In reply to Wireless issues

I wonder if anyone would ever find the bodies if I stick them in the ceiling in the server room?

It is bad enough that the co-"worker" does this everytime, but she also directs everyone else to talk to me on when "I" will get "the network" fixed.

Funny how when it isn't MY equipment, everyone is left to think it was. I made a point this time to talk to some people in upper management letting them know that I found the problem with her system, and then she was able to fix it.

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I always like the calls that start with...

by TonytheTiger In reply to Net admins, does your equ ...

"What did you do with (or to) my ______?

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