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.Net Framework - Where to now?

By chuckd ·
Ok, I downloaded all the NGWS stuff from MS and did the drill and now I'm an expert. I went back to the office and they have not a clue. Their still hung up on the old tech. Who is going to use this technology, once MS releases it?

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Hey, over here!

by BrianHarris In reply to .Net Framework - Where to ...

I'm in the opposite position. I'm the expert on .Net at my company and they want to go all out to implement it in all of their development.

I recommended that they do some R&amp work first and then a great deal of planning before moving forward with it. Its not even a release product yet and they want to get started writing code. ;-) Geeks!

If MS can work its marketing magic with Corel and get .Net into Linux and convince other language companies to adopt the .Net framework then they might actually get a large adoption.

It all looks very promising and I'm pretty excited about .Net. Let's just hope its not more FUD. Win2K has been great, maybe they're doing something right(read different) at Microsoft.

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