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.NET is making my laptop run really hot. why?

By zack247 ·
the laptop model is a LG R405.
The ".NET Runtime Optimization Service" process and "CPU Idle Process" are making my CPU run either at or close to maximum capacity, and im not sure why.
does anyone have any ideas what mightve caused this and how i can go about resolving this issue?
I upgraded the ram from 3 to 4GB but there were no immediate changes, only just now.
it started happening after a windows update.

4GB RAM (non matching)
1.86GHz Pentium dual core T2390
Windows 7 home premium X64

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You aren't interpreting the information correctly

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to .NET is making my laptop ...

System Idle process is just a line on the thing to make the numbers sum up to 100%,

Are you looking at processes for all users?
If it wasn't over heating "While you weren't doing anything" before, what's changed recently? New install, windows update etc..

Be a good idea to make sure your mal ware and A?V stuff is running and up to date.
Possiblity of a bad driver as well, has windows update beenmessing with them.

Also some simple tests like unplugging from internet and disabling wifi might give you some clues, if you don't spot some strange process hogging the cpu.

Something like ProcessExplorer might tell you more, but I think you are going to have to learn a bit before you can interpret what it's telling you.

Bit hard to help you on this one, Take it to a pro, or go deeper is the best advice I can give you.

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Reponse To Answer

by zack247 In reply to You aren't interpreting t ...

well something is defintely off here..
but the .NET optimization service is definitely whats doing it.
yes im looking at system processes too.

i reran the system rating score analyzer, and then my laptop cooled down, back to the 40-55 degrees it should be at.
i put it into sleep mode and went to sleep myself, and this morning i boot it up and its running hot again.
after i reran the system score analyzer the .NET optimizer was gone, but its back again, and so is the heat.

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