Net Logon is very slow win xp

By mv ·
I am running a computer rental business.
Through our doors many different computers pass, We are no networking gurus, more like handymen, and we have quite a wide experience.
But now we get stuck.

We have several IBM Thinkcentres.
They are veeeery slooooow when starting Net Logon.
If I turn that service off, it?s fast and performs good.
Slow means five to ten minutes...

But without Net Logon some logins in some networks don?t work, obviously.

We have tried it in different LAN:s, with different specs and settings.
And the effect is the same.

In some cases we wonder if it appears after some Windows update. (But I am not sure if that is relevant.)

We performed clean re-installs, and also tried with a different network card.
"All" other computers works just fine.

Where to look for the solution?

Mike, Stockholm

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i need answers to these questions

by alashhar In reply to Net Logon is very slow wi ...

do you have a domain?
what is your network configuration such your IP addresses + Subnet address + VLANs + ..?
Do you other services such DNS server + DHCP + Gateway Server + ...?

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by mv In reply to i need answers to these q ...

OK, here is an update...

We found a "clean" computer out of the pile, without the latest windows updates. That is SP 2. It starts up just fine and dandy. As quick as it should.
With Net Logon activated.

The other ones are slow even with network card disabled and not cable connected, and even when not logging in to a domain, just plain local computer.

So we are now updating the clean PC, to see when it goes bad.
It seems like a newer driver or file is the problem.

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Slow login

by butkus In reply to Update

If you are logging into a domain, that domain server's IP address need to be in your network card's DNS Server settings. If your new PC uses DHCP, it may automatically put that domain server IP address in the DSN under the network card settings. Not having that IP address of the main server caused a 2 min "login" delay problem.

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True, but...

by mv In reply to Slow login doesn?t explain why only this model of IBM:s is affected. We hav einstalled literaly thousands of computers the same way without this issue.

We now did a clean install from IBM:s recovery partition on the disk, and it still is that slow.
We will now try a clean install from an XP CD instead, and put in the drivers one by one after that. It is something in those IBM original files that is corrupting the thing.

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by mv In reply to True, but...

After a clean install everything works fine.

It seems the original recovery files are corrupt/incompatible. It might have been one of the original IBM software thingies that they force upon the customers. It was not a configuration matter.

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