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Net Neutrality - New Opinions?

By Slvrknght ·
I did a quick search and noticed that the last article on net neutrality was over two years ago. In the IT world, a lot can happen in two years. So, I'm curious as to the current consensus on net neutrality.

I bring this up because I just read an article on the Consumerist about AT&T sending a letter to its employees, asking them to oppose net neutrality. Hence the reason it's on my mind at the moment.

This article made me bristle at first. I'm one of those people who thinks that the 1st Amendment extends to the freedom to share ideas without interference by outside parties. Unless you happen to be at your place of business. Then freedom and openness should be squashed like the virus-laden bug it can become.

Now, I figure there's no more group of educated, opinionated technologists then us here at TR, so I figure I'll throw this out there and see where people stand.

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My two cents.

by SteveCCC In reply to Net Neutrality - New Opin ...

First off let me say yay for President Obama on this one. As it isn't a big secret Obama is very pro technology and his would be counterpart McCain has already voiced against Net Neutrality.

Personally I think this is a very serious issue still. We have come to take internet access for granted and depend on it every single day of our lives so the notion that an internet provider can decide for us what we see and at what speed we see it is just insane. As we are currently seeing some countries are now passing into law that internet access is a basic human right.

The real issue in my opinion is that these greedy executives use to, for years make a lot of money with their respective businesses and now with the internet we have that information free so rather then be innovative about how to do business they basically just try to restrict access. It's a hard concept for these people to grasp that when you made your millions in the 60's, 70's, 80's and all of the sudden you can't just sit back in the lap of luxury any longer and instead actually have to work for your profits again. This is shown in recent news with the News Corp / Microsoft talks about removing search results from Google and in a longer time span with the RIAA and MPAA fighting ?piracy.?

Furthermore I see America every year slipping further and further into this path of big brother nations like the UK, China, and Australia where we can?t even send an email or look at a website without the government imposing restrictions and regulations to meet either the needs of their own agenda or that of the highest pay off. Having said that I refer back to the fact that Obama is pro technology and this issue did spill over into his presidency so we may see a whole different approach to how this issue is handled from now going forward.

Let me close my little rant with a call to anybody reading this to do something about it. There are lot of sites with good information and ways to contact congress to let them know your stand on the issue like

And the my friends is my two cents =)

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