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.Net: Programming in C# or VB

By kdrew225 ·
What is the better to program in for .NET, VB or C#?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to .Net: Programming in C# o ...

Your choice. Both VB.NET and c# compile into MSIL and then are JIT'ed at run time. There are some differences between VB and c# such as unsafe code blocks in c# that allow access directly to memory, VB does not support unsafe code blocks. It is just a personal preference as to which you use. I tend to use VB more often because that is the language that I first learned.

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by Raithlin In reply to .Net: Programming in C# o ...

This is no longer a black and white area. The best advice would be to search the articles here on TR, and Google for articles elsewhere that give pros and cons of each language. It also depends on which version of the framework you are working with, as well as your choice of development environment. For example, VS2003's VB support is much better than for C#. VB.Net 2.0 has the My namespace, which makes for easier coding. Personally, C# lends itself nicely to backend applications in my experience, but I swop between the two languages on a daily basis - could it be the answer you seek is not one or the other, but both?

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by puranamramesh In reply to .Net: Programming in C# o ...

c#.net is better then vb.net it is similar syntax to c an c++ and around 64 library's are developed in .net using c#.net.

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