Net Send command Help??

By za3tar ·
Can anyone help me for the net send command..
I try to send message from laptop to another person in my network but it dose not work??

I want to know the parameter for the command???


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by Bizzo In reply to Net Send command Help??

The syntax is:
NET SEND {name | * | /DOMAIN[:name] | /USERS} message

To see this information type:

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by za3tar In reply to Syntax

Dear Bizzo,
thank you for your reply, I know this parameter and I try it but it is not working can you explain it for me...
and write an example.

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Very possible

by jimmy-jam In reply to thanks

The messanger service is not started on your PC or the remote PC you are trying to send to.

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I See...

by za3tar In reply to Very possible

I understand from your words that windows messenger must be installed!!!!
what If I remove it???

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Did you?

by jimmy-jam In reply to I See...

It should be in services by default unless you told windows not to install it when you installed your OS. Check your services and see if you have one called. "Messenger" if you do, make sure it is started.

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