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    .Net update problems


    by dented ·

    I have seen this problem only occasionally – where MS Update fails on the .Net updates – so I didn’t take it seriously until it hit me personally.

    So I tried to research it, and have not come up with a satisfactory solution. Here are my questions:

    1) What is the difference (and the relevance) of a .net USER and a .net DEVELOPER? And how does MS Update treat that distinction, even when the end-user doesn’t know it?

    2) Why do some end-users readily take the updates (I believe 3.5 is the latest?) while others fail? These are users that – for 99% of the time – are no different than the others. NONE of them develop apps for anybody.

    3) I don’t develop apps – I just try to fix things. I run a true-blue Microsoft shop under Exchange and other approved software. Microsoft should not be punishing me this way.

    Any ideas? Background: All XP Pro, one Vista, SBS2003.

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      by dented ·

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      .NET answers

      by ultimitloozer ·

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      1) A .NET developer is someone who writes programs that run on the .NET Framework. I guess that would make a .NET user someone who runs applications that run on the .NET Framework.

      2) It does not matter if a person develops applications. An application that was written for .NET REQUIRES .NET to run. It is not a development tool, but an application platform. There are multiple versions (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, & 4.0) and all of them can run side-by-side on the same machine. Most applications target a specific version of .NET, so this capability is necessary since one program may only work properly with version 1.1 while another requires 3.0 for it to work. You need to check the specific applications to ascertain their individual requirements.

      Now, about MS Update failing on specific .NET updates, what error messages/codes are you getting?

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        Error Code: 0x643

        by dented ·

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        It seems to be a pretty generic error code, and it the same one for the failed 1.1 and the 3.5 update

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      Silly question I know

      by kenone ·

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      Have you tried doing the .NET update all by itself? No other updates at the same time. I have often gotten them to work that way.

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      Uninstall all .NET versions

      by mackman2011 ·

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      The only way I found to get finicky .NET updates to install is to first uninstall all versions then reinstall beginning with the earliest version. There are now clean up utilities on for most versions. Run them after each uninstall. On XP run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, check if it can be used on Vista/7. Check forums at

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        Thanks guys

        by dented ·

        In reply to Uninstall all .NET versions

        Yeah, I think I see my mistake – I had already uninstalled them all, but did not run cleanup – and I didn’t run reinstalls in the proper order.

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