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net use access denied

By laurel.englehardt ·
We have moved our office to a new location, upgraded servers and upgraded a number of servers to 2003. Since all that has occurred we receive an access denied message when we utilize net use for drive mapping. This is only a problem when booting a computer into dos from diskette. Works fine if we open a dos window from xp or 2003. We also upgraded one of the domain controllers. Can anyone point me in the right direction for whatever setting would block this? Is it related to DNS settings or new 2003 settings?


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by seanc In reply to net use access denied

This is a Windows Security issue. Windows 2k3 automatically locks down alot of stuff that you could do by default with Win2k. You may need to check group policy and make the amendments there if you have alot of Servers.


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Net use

by SamTheDon In reply to net use access denied

which version of Dos are u using,it might be a problem with compatibility as the MBR has been upgradedd with 2003..if possible upgrade the dos to latest verson & try my opinion that could only cause an issue....

get back in case if u need clarification..

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Net use

by mise75 In reply to Net use

Try also to allow a correct netbios name resolution trough a lmhosts file.


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Net Use

by SamTheDon In reply to net use access denied

i just wanted to know the diskette u r using contains and other files, i.e the diskette is bootable or not,or the dos version is old compared to the OS u r using,try to upgrade the floppy contains which are compatible to the OS.

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Probably a Rights Authentication issue

by zczc2311 In reply to net use access denied

Access Denied would indicate that there is no problem with Name Resolution so I think you can rule that our. Have a look at 1 settings in XP
DO not allow storage of credentials or .NET and also you have not made it clear what user from the workstation is being authenticated by the Server and does this user have ?rights now?

At a big guess it will be an authentication rights issue.

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