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Net use/autorun.inf help

By AntonyW07 ·
I am in the army currently working as a network/systems administrator for my unit in iraq. Most of my users need access to a network drive which is monitored by civilians. I already created a working batch file that will map the user to our network drive. The problem is the distribution of the file, I am not able to send .bat files over the military email. I was then trying to make a convinient disc which would autorun the batch file upon insertion of the disc. Im not sure if I have an error in my autorun and batch files or if this even possible. If someone can take a look and help me out that would be very appreciated.




net use s: \\path\folder\folder

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Hey, soldier! You're working too hard!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Net use/autorun.inf help

Rename your working batch file from .BAT to .TXT. E-mail it with instructions to rename back to .BAT and have users put it in their StartUp group.

Is there a reason you don't want to include the 'net use' statement in the users' network login script? That's usually the easiest way to do this.


SC Army National Guard (retired)

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Just Stayin Busy

by AntonyW07 In reply to Hey, soldier! You're wor ...

Hooah. Thanks for the help. I tried doin somethin similar with a couple soldiers but was tryin to make it as simple as possible.

Also not sure if I can alter the users login script, if it's through AD the civilians manage that and my permisiions are limited. Any assistance on this would be helpful as I have a bat to backup a users profile as well that I'm trying to put out.

Thanks again.

PFC Warring, Antony
US Army, 25U

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I'd talk to the civilians

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Just Stayin Busy

Ask them to add the 'net use' command to the network login script. This really is the best solution. You're going to find there are times when it's best to turn the idea over to someone else to implement. You can't save the whole network by yourself.

If you wind up having to do it via the batch file, consider adding


to the command so it will only have to be executed once. You'll probably have to do a .BAT to .TXT change on the backup batch job too.

Welcome to TR. We've got several current and prior service from all branches (and countries) hanging out here. It's always good to have another, especially one who can bring a younger perspective on technology issues.

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Might not work

by AntonyW07 In reply to I'd talk to the civilians

The civilians might not do it. Their policy was that they dont want profile backups on their network drive due to limited space. I was going to try to build our own network drive out of some old servers we had so if I can get it up they may be willing to, but knowing them it may be too much extra "busy work" since they'd have to pick out all of the soldiers in my unit out of about 6 units they manage. Looks like I'll just do what I tried originally and send it as a .txt file. Thanks again.

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