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Net Use LPT3: port disconnects

By salvi ·
A program that we use prints only to LPT pritner ports. To create such port we use the command "Net Use LPT3: \\<computer name>\<printer share name> /Persistent:yes"

Now, we use computer name instead of server name because the computer is installed on the local computer and shared. The problem that we are having is that within a couple of days the port gets disconnected. When the NET USE command is used, the status of the port is "DISCONNECTED". To fix this problem we have to delete the port and recreate it.

Is there something that can fix this problem from ocurring?

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by salvi In reply to Net Use LPT3: port discon ...

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by salvi In reply to Net Use LPT3: port discon ...
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Same problem

by deadlypumpkin In reply to Net Use LPT3: port discon ...

if anyone can help this would be great.

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Connection failures.

by aj4mq In reply to Net Use LPT3: port discon ...

Unforunately, Windows will do this for a number of reasons.. one possibility is to use a persistent connection.

net use \\server\printshare /persistent:yes /user:username password

another possibility is to use a .VBS script to maintain the connection.

Unfortunately, I am dealing with the same problem..

HOWEVER, I have a solution as your company upgrades.. To run your DOS application on Windows 7 or 64 bit systems, look into DosBox on It is an open-source DOS emulator. Using DBase applications (yes, we still do), we needed something to allow it to work. a little hard to configure, but you don't need the net use lpt1 command. works in Linux also..


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by duffer In reply to Connection failures.

So what was hard to configure of DBASE to run?

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