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    Netbackup 6.0


    by mlacombe ·

    I have Netbackup 6.0 running a backup to disk on an Overland REO 9000. I’m backing up a RaidTEK SAN. When I backup one of my mail servers information stores. I’m getting roughly 25-26 megs per second. When I try backing up my 500 gig File server that has it’s data on the same SAN, I’m getting a rate of 8 mps. I know backing up the information store, since it is 2 files, is going to be a little faster than backing up 500 gig’s of smaller files, but it shouldn’t be this much of a difference. Any thoughts on what I can do to speed this up?

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      by petros142 ·

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      try multistreaming the job. break down the file server into smaller chunks, this will double or tripple the speed that youre currently getting. also check for bottlenecks, and consider making the file server a media server.

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