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NetBeui in ME

By shippauf ·
I have been trying numerous resources to determine how to add the NetBEUI protocol in Windows ME but unable to find any worthwhile information. Can anyone please help me???!!! The only thing I haven't tried is to reinstall ME. Is that my only option?

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by axil In reply to NetBeui in ME

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel, and then double-click Network.Click Protocol, and then click Add.
Under Manufacturers, click Microsoft. Under Network Protocols, click NetBeui, and then click OK.

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No Basics, ME expert needed

by shippauf In reply to NetBeui


I suppose I should have stated what I've tried so that your time wasn't wasted by responding to my question. I assumed that others would think that if someone is posting a discussion on here that they have some computer knowledge and havenowhere else to turn.

So, that being said here goes. I have done this basic troubleshooting step, 10 times as a matter of fact. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled my NIC to no avail. I have researched Microsoft's knowledge base and a couple other sites I know about, none of which have been any help.

But thanks again for getting back to me. If you or you know of someone who is an ME whiz please send them my way.



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OK, so what DOES happen?

by eBob In reply to No Basics, ME expert need ...

When you've gone through the previously outlined steps, and reboot, you SHOULD then be able to into the Network Control Panel and see the NetBEUI protocol, and it should be bound to your NIC.

What DO you see there? What don't you see that you areexpecting to see?

Do you have any other network protocols running? You might try unbinding and removing all of these, reboot, add just NetBEUI and see where that goes.

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No Go!

by shippauf In reply to OK, so what DOES happen?

After going through all of these steps I still do not see the NetBEUI protocol available to me. All I see under the Microsoft choice when adding a protocol are:
ATM Call Manager
ATM LAN Emulation Client
I expect to see an option to load NetBEUI as I do with other operating systems.

The ONLY thing I haven't tried is reinstalling ME. ME came preloaded from the company we buy our PC's from which is TIGER Direct. I've browsed a full version CD of ME and I am unable to find any reference to NetBEUI.

Any ideas?

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I tried this on my ME system...

by eBob In reply to No Go!

...which has an OEM CD. Unfortunately, my results are a bit different than yours, but perhaps you can compare. I did not have NetBEUI installed on my WinME. I added it as described. So far so good, but not really like your experience. I did try to go back in and ADD NetBEUI with it already on the system and I see the list of available protocols that you describe (ATM this and that). This is of course because my WinME already has NetBEUI onboard, so it is only presenting protocols available to be added.

Obviously you do not have NetBEUI installed. So it would seem that something in the "add a network protocol" routine THINKS you have NetBEUI. The challenge is to convince this routine that you do not have NetBEUI. (And we're all assuming that you really do want to install NetBEUI for whatever reason.)

a - scan your system for "netbeui.*"
b - rename to "notreally_netbeui.*"
c - reboot and see if you can now ADD NetBEUI

If that fails then scan the Registry looking for occurrences of "netbeui" and try to uderstand what it is saying. Try to match this up against files on your system and either replace or rename.

If this is a pretty new system, then if the above failed I would go for a clean install.

Bob Chance!

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remove nic card

by axil In reply to I tried this on my ME sys ...

Scott, if nothing else is working remove or disable your nic card and reboot then shut down.install or enable the nic and reboot.also you can boot in safe mode and in device manager remove all the devices it will let you and reboot this should force windows to load everthing clean.
If this doesn't work I'll get less basic.

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Time to get less basic

by shippauf In reply to remove nic card

Thanks Travis, but been there and done that as well. The only thing I haven't that you mentioned was boot in safe mode and removing devices.

So, what do ya say? Time to get less basic?


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Makes sense

by shippauf In reply to I tried this on my ME sys ...

I never even thought to look in the registry. I'll try that. Thanks for the extensive list of things to try and look at.

Hopefully something will work.


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Me Network Basics

by Grung In reply to Makes sense

You need to install Dial Up networking which adds the Network Functions and allows you to add protocols.
Have a look at the newsgroup\Microsoft.public.windowsme.networking

There were some good advice a while ago about this and other network issues.
If you like I can send you Holzmans 50 rules on networking which will no doubt cover what you need. They are very comprehensive.
PS I have got me working at home off ADSL network, in the office on PCand a Notebook

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