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Netbios domain name comment

By amo ·
Microsoft do it again. They have released windows 2000 Server, and built in Desgin flaws that make it difficult for certain companies to implement. I refer to Doamin name compatibility issues. I run a complex network, a part of this network was an PDC and BDC under windows NT4. My domain Name was (ie) Though windows 2000 server allowed the domain name, my users could not browes for this in their network neighborhood, or network places options, as the active director only shows the netbios domain name which cannot adopt full stops between letters. THis meeans that in these instances you cannot seamlessly install a new windows 2000 server system, into your current NT network, from fresh.
THe way around this problem I could find was to upgrade the PDC to windows 2000 server and then setup active directory, then it would register as the active domain name for network browsing, you could then install the new server with windows 2000 as a memeber of the domain, and then promote the new server as the master server.
After many a worrying configuration processes, I must say that the whole job went very smoothly, and caused very little confusion, and no downtime to the network. Are you guys aware of any other way, or if windows patches are available.?

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Netbios domain name comment

by sbaltus In reply to Netbios domain name comme ...

what os are your clients running if they are pre 2000 you need to set up the server to allow pre windows 2000 clients if you do this you will not have a problem also if you are using pre 2000 clients such as 98 you would need to manualy set up a wins server on the server windows 2000 uses 2000 for name resolution 98 uses wins

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Netbios domain name comment

by amo In reply to Netbios domain name comme ...

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