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Netbios Name resolution is not working

By Richard Zam ·
I have a weird ploblem, I don't know how to solve
without reinstalling all the involved PCs

I have a network composed of 12 pcs, all using Windows XP HE, working like workgroup. All the PCs had static IP address and they were using NetBios over TCP. After making the change to dynamic addressing (since I needed to use the DHCP service provided by the ASDL Modem of my ISP), two out of 12 machines no longer can resolve names of PCs using ping. For example: if I write: ping "machinename", in the other 10 PCs I receive their corresponding IP addreses and I obtain thier answers but if I make same ping to the mentioned two PCs, I get no answer and both two display a message to me about the host cannot be found. All the PCs has the same network hardware and the same configuration and all of the others services and the Intetnet ASDL Link work perfectly. Before making the change, this problem did not appear. Somebody has some idea about how to Troubleshooting this problem.


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Netbios Name resolution is not working

by Ben_Kent_UK In reply to Netbios Name resolution i ...

heres what I would do:
1. Check to see if I can see the other 10 computers from network places on the other 2
2. see exactly what IP address the odd 2 have been assigned as compared to the other 10
3. XP really likes trying to figure out networking stuff for itself rather than you having to supply all the information, try right clicking on my computer, selecting network ID and running through that process on all the machines. You might find that the 10 that on the 10 that are working that XP might have put NET BUI on them but not on the other 2
4. oh and finally, if you have not already done it, download and install SP1 (service pack 1) on all the machines.

Hope this helps

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Netbios Name resolution is not working

by Richard Zam In reply to Netbios Name resolution i ...

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Netbios Name resolution is not working

by mrjay67 In reply to Netbios Name resolution i ...

just a thought:
I know on win2000 it only accepts 10 connections by default(this is generally to a specific resource on the PC though). You might just test and see what happens if you remove 2 of the PCs from the network that are working. If the other 2 beging working it could be related to the amount of connections allowed. Since you said all the settings and hardware are exactly the same i just thought id put that in as a suggestion.
Oh you might check to make sure XPs firewall is not turned on. Since it sounds like you have a router spitting out private IPs you should be safe in trying that if you havent already. Xps firewall can produce odd behavior on other pcs connected to it or even its self. I had it turned on and and could not access my other PC(which was not runnig it) till I turned it off. Just some thoughts and examples from my experiance. Be sure to check all the network settings and make sure they fit your network.

Hope this at least adds some insight.

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