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NetBIOS over TCP/IP?

By DaveA_In_Darwin ·
I have a bit of an issue with NetBIOS over TCP/IP.... Seems a bit belt and braces to me, and isn't NetBIOS a broadcast protocol? If you have a Master Browser (and from my experience some Server machine on the network is going to want to be...) whyuse NetBIOS?

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Its is there to send us crazy

by Deadly Ernest In reply to NetBIOS over TCP/IP?

The different protocol are there to send us crazy, that is all they do now.

Seriously most date back to the early days when each manufacturer went their own way and each created the whell with different size setting. For reasons of backward compatibility we have the most used protocols still available.

Some people still use the older protocols for security reasons. they switch protocols between major network segments, drives the hackers crazy.

Best use I have seen is some types of traffic is sent with one protocol and other types with a different one. Thus you restrict what can go where by what protocols you set up. tricky and finicky but some people think it worthwhile.

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by djent In reply to Its is there to send us c ...

Many old apps only recognize UNC paths, therefore NETBIOS on TCP/IP.

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NetBIOS / NetBEUI NetBT whetever

by tbragsda In reply to NetBIOS over TCP/IP?

Explaning NetBIOS can take a year. Just to start, its not a protocol. It defines a software interface and a naming convention, realy a API. "Extended BIOS". Forget the history. NetBIOS is, like TCP/IP a group of "stuff" that are protocols. SMBand CIFS are importan bits of it.

The big thing to discuss is, you need some sort of name resolution to get somwehere on a network. If you have older MS OSs, or OS2, or.... you need NetBIOS. If you have multi segment LAN, you need to route thatover IP to get somewhere. Hence NetBIOS over IP, or IPX or anyother routable protocol.

MS 2k now uses DNS, so if you take all 9x, NT workstations and servers off the network, you can be done with NetBIOS almost.

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