Netbook Problem

By zoheel ·
i purchased a hp netbook 1030-tu
it came bundled in with a windows starter pack
i formatted the computer and installed windows ultimate

the problem that arised are :
computer freezing very often
cant play videos as the video will freeze
at times it will freeze and will need to be restarted

the specs are
1.66 intel atom processor
dual core
1 gb ddr3 ram

250 gb harddisk

all i want to know is whether this netbook has the potential to run windows ultimate or maybe windows enterprise

because i would not want to have a starter OS ..because it sucks on all levels

all i wanted to know is if ,my netbook meets the requirements set ...why does it not work as it ought to ??

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the netbook

by PurpleSkys In reply to Netbook Problem

will not handle win ultimate, not near enough ram. If you want to run win7 ultimate, consider spending the money on a decent system that will run it .

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RE:- all i want to know is whether this netbook has the potential to run

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Netbook Problem

No it doesn't have that ability.

To do anything with Ultimate loaded which is wasting your money you must not involve Multitasking. If you have only 1 Process Open at a Time it may sort of work well enough to use but it's going to be SLOW.

The reason why Windows 7 Starter Sucks so badly is because it doesn't support Multitasking which suites this unit very well because the Hardware involved here doesn't either. :0

You may get better performance with some form of Linux like Android loaded as it has a smaller footprint and lower resource requirement. This may suit the hardware very well where as Windows in any form doesn't.


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by andregous In reply to Netbook Problem

I Bought a net book last year with similar specs, and also Win 7 Starter. The day i got it I firstly removed the windows and loaded Ubuntu Linux, I have tried i couple of Linux distros since then, but in my opinion Kubuntu is the best version of linux for someone used to Windows 7 or Vista.
1) Its desktop looks just as good ( or in my opinion better then ) Windows 7
2) Easy to Install
3) You can Install MS Office 2007 , and other Microsoft programs through Wine

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You need more RAM, 1gb is no where near enough, you will need at least 3...

by Slayer_ In reply to Netbook Problem

...gigs of RAM.

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From another netbook user...

by mckinnej In reply to Netbook Problem

The other comments are correct, your netbook doesn't have enough horsepower or RAM to handle Win7U. You would be much happier with WinXP or a light Linux distro. There are a couple of distros geared toward netbooks and other less powerful hardware. Regardless of the OS you choose I would throw a 2GB stick of memory in there. It will run MUCH better. (I would recommend more but most netbooks don't support more than 2GB. If yours does then by all means put in the max it will handle.)

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