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Netbooks and Windows?Linux

By chrisganderampy ·
After reading the "three application limit" recent post by Greg Shultz, I had to add my fourpennyworth.

I have a netbook (AsusEeePC) and a laptop (Samsung)and entirely agree that the Netbook is the baby for travelling. Surprisingly I use XP SP3 on the laptop and have never used Linux BUT . . . as the EeePC cam e with Linux I thought I'd have a go.

InterNETnoteBOOK does exactly what it says on the tin and much quicker than the Windows box. My Eeebuntu has a windows emulator (WINE) that can do some windows stuff but as your article says. it should do more than just read emails and surf the net. It does. Most of the features you need everyday are in the Eeebuntu s/w and it is as easy (or frustrating) as Windows.

Give it a try.

I love it - and so does my back and shoulders!!

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