NetBT error on second server

By oz_cast ·
Event Viewer ERROR

Event Type: Error
Event Source: NetBT
Event Category: None
Event I 4321
Date: 08/08/2008
Time: 10:48:38

User: N/A
Computer: "servername"
The name "workgroup":1d" could not be registered on the Interface with IP address The machine with the IP address did not allow the name to be claimed by this machine.

just to give more information .12 is my second server and .10 is my main server.

hope somebody can assist.



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Have you tried re-booting both computers in question.

Sometimes a re-boot usually clears this kind of error.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please mark it helpful. Thanks

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Verify name resolution.

by techrepublicsucks In reply to NetBT error on second ser ...

I am going to assume that you rebooted the servers already.

1. Run NBTSTAT -RR on both servers to clear the name cache.
2. Verify both servers are in the same WORKGROUP or DOMAIN.
3. If you are running WINS then make sure that the WINS server points to itself for name resolution and all other computers point to the WINS server in their static IP or DHCP configuration.
4. Open WINS and delete the records for the computer(s) causing the problem.
5. Find the LMHOSTS file on each machine and make sure that there are no entries in it.
6. If you made changes then run NBTSTAT -RR again on the computers you changed.

FYI: NBTSTAT -RR is the same as running IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS but it works on Windows/SMB/NetBIOS names instead of DNS names.

If NetBIOS name resolution is working properly you should be able to ping any computer on your network from any other computer using just the NetBIOS name.

I hope this helps.

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NetBT error on second server

by oz_cast In reply to Verify name resolution.

both servers have an empty LMHOST file. WINS has the default items selected.

I was not the original person that set this up by the way.

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This worked for me.....

by trevor In reply to NetBT error on second ser ...

Dont' know if you got your problem sorted, but the following suggestion worked for me. :

Basically disable the "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" setting in WINS.

Don't know why it became a problem - was working fine for some months, then slowly got worse to the point where my event logs were filling up, and 'strange' things were happening on the network.

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