Netgear ADLS Modem /Router

By helen.mccullagh ·
Hi there,

I have not been able to connect to the internet for several weeks now. I have gone through basic trouble shooting and have discovered that I am not even able to access my modem when trying to connect to it. When I try I am getting an error message that 'internet explorer can not open the search page'.

Are there any suggestions as to what I should try to do now?



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Router Troubleshooting 101: Let's begin

by robo_dev In reply to Netgear ADLS Modem /Route ...

What model of router?

Typically there is a four-port switch that is part of the router, and your PC is plugged into one of those ports. Is the green light associated with your PC lit or not?

Do you have only one PC?

Go to a command prompt and type : ipconfig

assuming that you are running windows XP, you will see the IP address of your PC, probably and a value for the 'default gateway' which is typically

Attempt to ping the default gateway by typing ping

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