Netgear Cable Modem to Linksys Router--Help!!!

By tyler.mills ·
I recently purchased a Linksys WRT54GL router flashed with DD-WRT to hookup to my Time Warner provided Netgear CG814W cable modem. The connection I used to have a static IP address on my PC's for P2P prgrams but disabled it because I the Linksys wouldn't connect to the internet. After doing that it worked fine for about a few hours. Also the connection slowed down considerably and eventually just stopped working entirely. I just have no idea to get the modem and router to work together at all, but it was supposed to be temporary anyway because I need a static IP. Please help.

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Similar Issue Here

by jp In reply to Netgear Cable Modem to Li ...

My DD-WRT Linksys is working fine with my local network but is not working at all with my modem and the web. Anyone have any ideas? When trying to get a ping from my cable company ther router bricked. Fortunately I was able to recover it and start again. All of my settings are currently default.

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Cable modem companies tie modem to p.c. MAC address.

by 1bn0 In reply to Netgear Cable Modem to Li ...

They want to CHARGE you for multiple ips on the same connection, just like they want to charge for every TV connected to the cable. They believe this is their God/Monopoly given right.

When you set up a computer to your cable modem for the first time it records the MAC address of the NIC in the connecting computer. If you want to change the NIC or Computer you need to have the cable ISP reset the MAC addres info in the modem.

This is why routers let you spoof the mac address. Find the correct setting on the router and set it to the MAC address of the P.C. you were using to access the internet.

Configure the router for the static IP you were using before on your P.C. The modem will think your Router is your P.C.

IF you need to allow access to your p.c. via the static IP then you will need to configure the internal side of the network with static private ips and port forward the modem to the desktop you are using.

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Worked for me!

by noahflower In reply to Cable modem companies tie ...

I had the same issue with Comcast here in San Francisco and this fixed the problem immediately. Thank you! The only note I would add is that some hubs, such as the Belkin one that I'm using, have a function for cloning the MAC address automatically from your computer. Don't do that, because it's getting it from your wireless card -- get the MAC address of your Ethernet card.

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