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Netgear firewall blocking HTTP traffic?

By jjd226 ·
My company has a FVS318 vpn firewall. I just recently discovered that anyone behind the company network has a hard time downloading pretty much anything.

For instance, I can download from "," but specifically, if I were to try to get AVG 8.01 from the download will start, get to about 42% and than stop. The thing that doesn't make much sense to me is that we still have http traffic flowing normally. connections to web pages are fine. There is no slow down that I can tell, but the download itself is halted.

This happens regularly, and it occurs all across the company. There are a lot of downloads that get to 97 or 98% and just stop for no reason what so ever. I have looked at the knowledge base at the netgear home page, but I am coming up with data that is frankly less than useless for this problem.

At this point I am moving up the chain of devices to see what is, and is not passing traffic currently. We do have a linksys wireless router right behind the net gear, but the security function for this has been disabled, so it is basically passing traffic, and running wireless that is it.

Has anyone ran into this issue before, where a download will start, and than just stop for no reason what so ever, while still allowing http traffic to flow what appears to be normally?

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Are these all IE7 users?

by robo_dev In reply to Netgear firewall blocking ...

or do you have a mix of browsers?

What sort of ISP connection do you have? DSL?

What sort of bandwidth throughput are you getting (goto and run some of the 'speed tests').

Have you rebooted that router lately? Maybe it needs a break.

Do you have a lot of rules setup in the FVS? Are there a lot of VPN users?

One thing to look for is if ethernet interfaces between router and DSL modem are configured incorrectly. So if router WAN port is 100MBS half duplex, and DSL port is at 100 full duplex. Same with WLAN AP. Swap cables too.

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