Netgear FR114P

By hyrum ·
I have lost the username and password for a Netgear FR114P. How can I recover this or at least recover the settings?

Rob L.

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You can't

by robo_dev In reply to Netgear FR114P

hold the reset button on the rear for about 20 seconds and it will reset itself.

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by hyrum In reply to You can't

I'm sorry I did not make it clear. I do not want to erase the settings

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Two issues

by robo_dev In reply to .Thanks.

The first issue is that the forum rules prohibit assistance with password recovery or bypassing security controls.

The second issue is that there are no 'backdoors' or hidden admin passwords that I've ever seen on ANY routers of this type.

If your 'life depended on it', you could either brute-force the password or discover/exploit some bug in the software to get in.

Alternately, you could get into the circuitry/reverse engineering approach and try to figure out a way to tease out an interrupt or somehow read the raw binary contents of the onboard flash memory.

Either approach would take hours or days and might not be successful.

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Press on the reset button underneath....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Netgear FR114P

If you have "forgotten" your Username and Password, then we can not help you with this because we would not know what Username and password you used. So the only option is bellow. If you do not wont to loose your settings then you are in a catch 22. You will just have to learn from YOUR mistakes and just swollow your pride and start over again but THIS time you WILL remember the Username and paasword plus the settings. There is a section in this router for you to save the settings on your computer, but you will have to go and get the manual from Netgear, free of course. :)

This will set it to the default settings.
Then (when you access it through its own web page) your "Username", will be "admin", the password will be "password". All lower case.
You can see this on the Netgears website also.

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