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    Netgear R7400 QOS

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    Hey everyone. I’m pretty new at this networking stuff, but hoping someone can help me out.

    I have been using an ISP provided modem/router for a couple years with a DSL connection. I am supposed to be getting 30mbps, but all my recent tests are showing 10-15mbps. Here’s my issue:

    The devices we mainly use are my gaming pc, connected via Ethernet to a Netgear switch then to the modem/router, and an Apple TV 4K (for streaming) also connected to the same switch via Ethernet. The issue over the past year has been latency issues, packet loss and lag while I am gaming online while my wife is simultaneously streaming YouTube tv via the Apple TV. There is no lag or latency issues if there is no streaming. Also, obviously, if someone sends a picture/video message on their phone via WiFi while I am online gaming it creates major lag and gaming interruption.

    I decided to finally solve this issue by purchasing my own router on Black Friday, one with QOS so that I could manually manage and prioritize connections. I grabbed a Netgear R7400 from Best Buy for a good deal, finally got it set up and working with the modem, set up a QOS rule (the only rule) to have the PC set as the highest device, but it has made no difference. Packet loss, high ping, and lag is still there while simultaneous streaming is happening.

    Am I doing something wrong? Did I buy the wrong router, or not a good enough router for my purpose? Any other insight of how to solve my issue? Switching internet providers is not a viable solution. I live in Alaska where I pay $90/mo for my advertised as 30mbps unlimited data connection. The other company’s unlimited plan is $180/mo and I am not paying that.

    Please help if you can, thanks.

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