Netmeeting from home lan

By allanb4 ·
Does anyone know how somebody can call me over netmeeting on my home LAN.

I connect to the internet via ADSL my local LAN is etc.

I connect to my work via Aventail Connect VPN.

I can dial out to a work intranet IP address on netmeeting but how do I make it so that someone can dial me?

Follow up how can I netmeeting to another user also connected via VPN?

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hosting netmeeting

by briandao In reply to Netmeeting from home lan

Your ip is a private network IP. The users on the net won't be able to get to it.

In order to host a netmeeting session, you will need for users to dial into your public ip address and also open appropriate port on your dsl modem.

To find your public ip (WAN IP) you can check

To open the port, you will need to get into your dsl modem (probably via a web interface) and set a port, forword it to your internal ip address (192.168...)

If both of you connected to your work's vpn server, then you can host netmeeting using the private ip assigned by your VPN server.

You can get the vpn ip by examining the output of "ipconfig" command (run in command prompt)

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