Netopia static modem/router and a wireless linksys router as secondary

By cmolina ·
Ok. Here goes my prob. I have a netopia static dsl modem/router. I set my desk pc,
security camera pc, internet jukebox, and wireless router to static ip's. Then I went into lynksys config page and configured router under operating mode as a ROUTER, not gateway. And set DHCP server on, but assigned static ip address for the router using subnet, gateway, and dns from isp/netopia router config.
OK. So, life is good I think. No more netopia modem disconnects. BUT now I can't connect to my camera's.
My cameras are connected to pc with a static ip. When I attempt to access through ftp or through DDNS camera software, it shows the gateway NOT the ip address that I assigned it statically. Hence, static assigned, shows up instead which IS MY GATEWAY. ipconfig /all shows correct, but shows the gateway.
I should be able to type in browser and view camera but it does not work. Any brainstorming is appreciated. Thanks in advance for even reading this.

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by sirkozz In reply to Netopia static modem/rout ...

99.169.125.x is a routable subnet, you have just given out the IP of your router, thanx, and I?ll hack ya later!!!
You should have non-routable ip?s on your LAN side which will work as long as NAT is enabled.
You can still use static IP?s on the LAN (192.168.0.x).
BTW with routable IP?s on the LAN your whole network is vulnerable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don?t worry I wouldn?t hack ya!!!!

But to answer your question it?s probably that port 7701 is being blocked by the router. Port 7701 is a non-standard port is more than likely blocked by default. See if allowing the port on the router makes a difference? Yes whatismyip usually shows the router IP. However don't know why the settings will not take on the cameras, try calling there tech support.

Good Luck

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Netopia 3000 dsl modem with wireless linksys router throws modem offline

by cmolina In reply to SECURITY!!!

Thanks for the info. Had no idea I was vulnerable! I have NAT enabled on my dsl modem with four ports (Netopia 3000). I have tried connecting a linksys wireless router to it but the router is throwing my modem offline. Then it takes many attempts of restarting the gateway before it comes back up. Right now I don't have the wireless router connected because of this. I just want to know how to configure the wireless router to work with the modem so it stays online and I can see my linksys internet camera's on the network and access them remotely. Any help would be great!
BTW, I called my isp and set my internet back to DHCP (I couldn't justify paying $40 a month for static that wasn't working for me and probably don't need it anyway).

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I can possibly help you with the Netopia

by NetMan1958 In reply to Netopia static modem/rout ...

part of the equation as I am familiar with some of their products, but I don't have any experience eith the Linksys. What is your topology? Is this correct?
ISP->Netopia->Linksys->PC with camera software
If so, which interface on which device are those IP addresses to?

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by NetMan1958 In reply to I can possibly help you w ...

If I understand correctly, you have a computer with one of the public IP's assigned to it but when you do the lookup at, it yields the ip address of the router. If that is what's happening, then the router is performing NAT and you need to disable NAT on it.

Also, if you need additional info, include the model of Netopia router you have when you post back.

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Netopia 3000 dsl modem and wireless router throws DSL Offline

by cmolina In reply to Also

Thanks for the post. My situation has changed. I called up my isp and set my internet back to dhcp. (Couldn't justify the $40 a month anymore for something I couldn't get to work). So now I am back to where I started. Here goes my topology and my problem.
DSL ISP--->Netopia 3000 modem with four ports--->Linksys Wireless WRT54G wireless router.
This is what I want to do:
See my Linksys Internet Camera's.
My problem is that the router doesn't seem to want to cooperate with the modem.
If I disable DHCP on the WRT54G and set it as router, not gateway on the config. page,
the modem gets thrown offline. Then I have a real hard time getting it back up. I go into the MODEM config and reset the gateway and it takes many attempts before it finally resets. I want the wireless router to work with the modem so I can see my camera's on the network and access them remotely. Right now, I have invested $400 on 4 camera's that I cannot use (not to mention all the time I have wasted trying to figure it out). Help!

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Different makes of modems and routers make it hard to talk to each other.

You could try the same make for all of your modems and routers, doing this will be much easier for the two to talk to each other.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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A suggestion

by NetMan1958 In reply to Netopia 3000 dsl modem an ...

I think I understand what you are trying to do. You might have been a bit hasty in giving up that static ip if you are wanting to access the cameras from across the internet. From my experience with DSL, the dynamic IP's change frequently.

I am not familiar with the Linksys device but if you can, I suggest configuring it as a plain wireless access point as opposed to a router. Then you will need to configure port forwarding on the Netopia. You will need to know what port(s) your camera system listens on and then forward those port(s) to the private ip of your camera device. And the camera device would need to have a static ip.

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Cannot set router as a WAP

by cmolina In reply to A suggestion

Hi again. Thanks for all your insight.
OK well the router configuration advanced settings doesn't give me the option to set the router as a wireless access point. Only two settings available are gateway and router.
I know I definately don't want to have the router set to gateway as the netopia modem will not like that.

Thinking of just getting a dsl modem with wireless technology and putting this router and modem I have up on ebay. This is just too much drama. If I do, I'm sure I'll be back here posting some other situation I have encountered. Thank you once again and I know I will be back here again. :)

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Netman - help me figure this out

by cmolina In reply to A suggestion

Hello. So this is what I did to fix my problem but I have a new one. Here goes the details.
I got rid of the netopia and linksys router.
Purchased a wireless mode router from AT&T.
Hooked it up and configured the network.
I can see the desk computer, the security cameras computers and I have one internet camera set up. Everything is good. My internet stays on and I don't get thrown off.
Here's my new dilemma:
I go home to access the camera. I port forward the port on the routers both at home and where the camera is located. I set static ip of with subnet and port to 1024.
I note the internet address by logmein on the router. I go to my browser and type in the external internet ip and port like this:
I can't connect. This should bring up the camera's config page with the option to view video. The internet error message is... Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed.
I have checked RRDP and all other possible DMZ mode on both routers, checked remote control setting is on, and still nothing.
Any help is appreciated.

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What is the function of the second router?

by NetMan1958 In reply to Netman - help me figure t ...

I'm a little confused by this:
"I go home to access the camera. I port forward the port on the routers both at home and where the camera is located. I set static ip of with subnet and port to 1024."

Tell me if I have this correct. You are trying to access the camera system from home and the camera system and new wireless mode router are somewhere else?

If that is correct, then you don't need port forwarding on your home router, just the one where the camera system is. So if I'm right about my assumptions, try removing the port forwarding on your home router and see what happens. Post back and let me know the results and we will take it from there.

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