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Netscape 4.78 E-mail question

By eddurbin ·
Each time I click on my e-mail icon at the bottom right of my screen, while logged on to Netscape, the first item that comes up is "Netscape's page." I did not designate Netscape as being my "home" page; I use

A couple of years ago, Iread in a PC magazine instructions as to how to edit the file that has it appear first, and requiring the acceptance of 3 "cookies." However, since I had to replace that computer that eliminated that item, I cannot remember what I had to do to prevent this from happening.

PLEASE, tell me what I should do, if you know how.

Rev. Dr. L. Edward Durbin

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Netscape 4.78 E-mail question

by Ann777 In reply to Netscape 4.78 E-mail ques ...

Not sure what your second paragraph is all about, but all you really need to do is confirm your settings in Edit --> Preferences --> Mail & Newsgroups. Go to the Addressing section under Mail & Newsgroups and UNCHECK Directory Server Netcenter. You do not want to use that; just leave it blank. Everything else should be fine.

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Netscape 4.78 E-mail question

by eddurbin In reply to Netscape 4.78 E-mail ques ...

I tried this method to remove Netscape's advertisement coming in first each time I open Netscape and receive check my mail. I unchecked the place that would have it look at the "Directory Server Netcenter." However, nothing happened.

The ad still comes up requiring the acceptance/rejection of 3 cookies. Even in installing the software, I checked both the items that wuld bring up Netscape as my opening page as well as he one wanting me to use Netscape for my search engine. The only item I left checked was to may Netscape my preferred browser.

It seemed to me that when I had instructions from a PC magazine, I had to go into the "explorer" folder and go to the Netscape folder and its subfolders under Program Files and find a particular file that had either to be deleted or edited. I believe it had to be edited to remove the "default" that brought up Netscape's ad/first page.

Thanks, Anna777, for your effort to help. This appears to the answer to my question, but, for me, it didn't work.

Ed Durbin

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