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Netscape 6 and DHTML?

By agibbs ·
Why doesn't ANY DHTML work in Netscape 6? I have a number of widgets I've written using DHTML that worked great in IE4+ and NS4+ but now Netscrap 6 comes along and NOTHING WORKS! And I mean nothing. Every DHTML site I have visited in Netscape 6 doesn't work. Anyone else have this problem?

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Netscape 6 and DHTML?

by gbworld In reply to Netscape 6 and DHTML?

It is due to the fact that every site assumes NetScape does not understand the DOM, so they are coded to use layer tags instead of DIVs with z-order. This is really the fault of early programmers, who wrote their JavaScript and DHTML routines assuming NetScape would never understand the DOM.

The problem is compounded by the fact that the assumption was made over 2 years ago when IE 4 came out. At that point, IE had the DOM and NetScape had their own version of DHTML. Now that NetScape has the DOM, the scripts fail.

The normal routine is something like:

if (navigator.appname == 'NetScape') {
//code for layers here
} else {
//code for DHTML here

NetScape is now w3c standard, so it wants DOM code and the site chooses layerscode. This is compounded by the lack of backward compatibility, which is not really NetScape's fault since the program was released to the public domain (ie, the programmers were hobbiests working from home).

The problem is further compounded by the fact that most modern IE code is written for IE5+ which is DOM + some MS only code. Even when the site is turned to allow NS6 to use the DOM, it often fails. This is programmer error, as they should know better. In defense, however, there are no new DHTML books on the market (as it changes so rapidly) and most of the Internet code samples are out of date.

Good enough answer? There are a few sites that cover NS6 code, but they are few and far between. Give it a few months and it will change, esp. if NetScape recaptures some browser market share.

Gregory A. Beamer

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Netscape 6 and DHTML?

by agibbs In reply to Netscape 6 and DHTML?

Not exactly the answer I WANTED to hear :-) but yes, it is a good answer!!


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Netscape 6 and DHTML?

by agibbs In reply to Netscape 6 and DHTML?

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