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Netscape 6 series

By jplante ·
When viewing my .jsp pages in any Netscape 6 browser, they have the appearance of being triple spaced.
Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so found a solution?

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by mrafrohead In reply to Netscape 6 series

I haven't had that problem, but the problem I have had is I will do a fresh boot of my system using Windoze 2k sp2. When I use N6 for the first time it works fine. I close it and then open it again and it works fine. The third time I close it andattempt to reopen it, it won't work. It also causes my computer to not restart like it is supposed to and I have to hard boot it... It has worked this way through three seperate install/uninstalls... With a reboot everytime. Any ideas to fix this would also be appreciated, as I no longer feel comfortable using IE. Or maybe there's a different browser other than these two someone could recommend...

newho - thanks for your time.


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Why Not IE?

by Tony DeRosa In reply to

I am curious as to why you're not "comfortable" with IE any more. I assume at one time you were. What happened with IE to make you prefer hard booting your computer every 3rd time you access the internet with Netscape 6?
That seems a bit uncomfortable...That seems like waking up with a hangover next to Christopher Lowell...

You could try Opera as your browser:

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Tried it as strait HTML?

by Tony DeRosa In reply to Netscape 6 series

Can you reproduce the problem with strait HTML? or does it only happen when the page is built by JSP?

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Straight HTML

by jplante In reply to Tried it as strait HTML?

The problem does appear to be with jsp's only. All of our static HTML files (i.e. Help Text) display perfectly.

I guess it maybe time to dig into the .jsps (ouch!) and find out whats going on.

Know of any good jsp validator's?

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Uncomfortable with IE

by mrafrohead In reply to Straight HTML

I am not comfortable using IE anymore due to a lot of the security holes that are in it. I prefer not to just expose myself.

As for your suggestion with Opera, I have tried it and I like it A LOT!!!

Thank you VERY much for your recommendation!!!


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