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Netscape 6.2 <img alt> problem!

By James_butterfield ·
I am using Netscape 6.2. Within my <img> tag I am using the 'alt' attribute, but it is not showing the message. Now, I do know it works in other browsers, but not in my Netscape 6.2 version.

Does anybody know what the scoop on this is?

Example: <img src="bob.jpg" alt="Bob">
where when I put my mouse over the image, no message "Bob" is showing.


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try title attribute

by Jay Eckles In reply to Netscape 6.2 <img alt> p ...

There's nothing in HTML that indicates that alternate text for an image (specified by the alt attribute) should be displayed as a tooltip. One popular browser did it and another followed, and today's it's expected behavior. However, the fact that one particular browser does not demonstrate this behavior is not a bug or a defect.

To achieve the effect you want, try adding a "title" attribute. It might be displayed as a tooltip in visual browsers.

Good luck.


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by me In reply to Netscape 6.2 <img alt> p ...

Hi James,
Jay hit it right on the head... the ALT tag is made to only show when the images are turned off (in mozilla and NS) thus they are an "alternative tag"

the title tag is our "work around" for the people that still want the "tooltip" todisplay an image's name here @ Netscape.com...

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