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    Netscape “freeze”


    by bogdan.ciuca ·

    Randomly Netscape won’t open pages, won’t follow hyperlinks. First it was happening with 4.73 then with 4.72 & 4.7. A friend told me to uninstall Getright, because the “Clipboard and click monitoring” option is the problem. I did so, and nothing happened. I use proxy server ( I tried without proxy settings but still nothing happened).
    My Internet Explorer browser works fine.
    Many thanks to any suggestions .

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      Netscape “freeze”

      by tuck46 ·

      In reply to Netscape “freeze”

      You will probally have to uninstall netscape and rerinstall. Often times Netscape itself has the problem and reinstalling on top of itself doesnt usually fix it. Uninstall it from the control panel(you may want to save your profile first if you havea lot of mail or bookmarks), then go into explorer and make sure the netscape folder is removed from program files. Then go into registry under local user and local machine, open up the software folder and delete the netscape keys. Then reinstall netscape.

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