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    Netscape & Java Applets


    by jtfinnh ·

    This problem could be because I’m trying to run more than one browser on my system. However . . .

    I have several web pages upon which I have placed a java applet which has been generated by a utility named Ulead Button Applet which was released with PhotoImpact 4.2. The problem recurred when I’m running Windows 98, ME & XP.

    I have established that when a button is ‘clicked’ there is an audible ‘click’ (or other associated sound. This occurs in a ‘mouse over’ or actual selection of the control.

    The problem:
    When IE accesses this menu, I can get the output I have expected. When I access the same menu using Netscape, I get a long, rather annoying cacophany of sound until I ‘kill’ the browser (or, worse case scenario, re-boot.

    Ihaven’t been able to get a direct answer from Ulead (who has since developed another tool)or Netscape.

    If there is some ‘straight foward’ code which will emit a sound during a mouse over as well as emit a sound and execute an action like startinga download or changing the contents of another frame I’d be more intersted in that.

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      Netscape & Java Applets

      by jtfinnh ·

      In reply to Netscape & Java Applets

      I have placed a test page at :

      In addition, I have also just tested it with the latest Opera Browser and I get the same problem.

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      Netscape & Java Applets

      by jtfinnh ·

      In reply to Netscape & Java Applets

      Point value changed by question poster.

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      Reply To: Netscape & Java Applets

      by thaker_bhavesh ·

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      The link you have given shows me :

      As of December 2, 2003, this page is no longer available.

      Please bookmark
      to view Comcast Personal Web Pages.

      But you download Netscape 7.1 FULL Edition that includes JRE and I hope you will be able to run that APPLET.

      Don’t think about more browsers. I am also running more than one driver. but It don’t make problems.

      Netscpae 7.1 FULL may solve your problem.

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