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    netscape mail 7.2 disappear


    by catalyst ·

    I’ve got new computer and I saved all my files including netscape mail 7.2.
    After reloading to a new computer I can’t find, the netscape mail 7.2,
    Can anyone tell me how to find the program and the e-mails?
    I’ve tried other sources, to no avail.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks in advance.

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      by catalyst ·

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      Have you tried to re-load your..

      by Anonymous ·

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      Netscape mail program?

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      I Wonder

      by thechas ·

      In reply to netscape mail 7.2 disappear

      I wonder if you might no longer be able to install Netscape?

      AOL took down the Netscape browser about 2 months ago.

      I wonder if the installer either needs some files from Netscape, or to register back home?

      Can you find the actual mail files you copied?

      I assume that you still have the backup media or at least the old hard drive to copy the files from again if needed.

      Since Netscape 7 has not had updates for some time now. And, will NEVER get another security patch. I recommend that you choose another email client.

      The closest current browser and email client to Netscape is the Mozilla SeaMonkey project.

      Install SeaMonkey and you should be able to import your Netscape mail files into Composer.

      Alternately, you can also try Mozilla Thunderbird.

      While it has some similarities to Netscape Composer, it is a stand alone email client.


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