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Netscape process will not die

By greggen ·
I have noticed that on several windows 95 and windows 98 PC, when Netscape has a problem, stops responding, crashes, ect. Sometimes it leaves a rouge process running. Restarting Netscape does not help, it just adds another process to the list. Other than doing a full reboot on Windows, you have to end each Netscape process in Task Manger before you can use Netscape again.

All I can find about this is to either disable JavaScript, and that does not make surfing fun, or to empty the cache, as the fat.db file sometimes gets corrupt.

Does anyone one know of a command line utility that I can use to kill this specific netscape process? I was thinking that I could start Netscape with a batch file, running that command line. Or is therea parameter that could be added to Netscape.exe?

The versions of Netscape we use are 4.5 or 4.7, and using IE or another browser is not an acceptable option.


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