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    NETSH winsock reset all


    by dbintz ·

    Evey time I start my laptop I have to run this command “NETSH winsock reset all” in order for my wireless service provider to connect for internet service. What can I modify to prevent from having to enter this command every time at bootup??

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      by dbintz ·

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      same victim

      by cheeselite ·

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      hi, sorry not posting a solution here. I hce this same problem, must always reset winsock and then reboot my xp pro (sp2) laptop to get connected a a WiFi hot spot.

      anyone any ideas ?

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        Profile issue

        by pc21geek ·

        In reply to same victim

        I would try to create a new user on the laptop. Login as the new user and see if you experience the same issue. Might be a profile issue.

        Good luck,


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