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Netware 3.12 and New Cisco Router/switch

By she_ ·
I am having sheer **** with our new Cisco router/switch (that we run as a switch within our lan)it will not allow Primary logon to MS Clients for Netware on to the network. The simplest way to put it is this. On the day that dhcp renews ip adds. all clients plugged into the Cisco router/switch will not gain access to the sever (If I move the clients net. cable to a different switch "not a Cisco Switch" they gain access automatically). I have been forced to change the primary log on to MS Client for Microsoft Networks... but that drags my clients to between 4 to 10 times slower.
Has this happened to you? Do you have an idea that could help me?
We called Cisco and their answer was "well it shouldn't do that". yeay!!!
well I know it shouldn't do that but then why does it?

Thanks for ur attention

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by JimBb In reply to Netware 3.12 and New Cisc ...

NetWare 3.12, that means IPX. Never mind about DHCP and lease times, first check if IPX will travel properly across your Cisco.

When a client comes on the network, it sends out a broadcast (Hey, gimme some servers!), and all servers will then reply (I'm here!), and then the login process starts. If your Cisco will block those broadcasts, no way client and server will ever find each other.

You can follow this process on your server: just type "TRACK ON" on the console. It will launch a new screen, and there you'll see who is asking what, as far as your NW312 server can see. Normally you should see lines with some hardware address, followed by "Get Server Info", or something similar (it's been a while...), followed by the reply of your server: "Give Server Info".

By the way, I don't think this is a discussion, in the Q&A section you might get better attention.


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