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Netware 4 and MSDE

By adamjedgar ·
i am having problems setting up MSDE to run on a netware 4 network. When i attempt to logon to the access project database from a client workstation i recieve a general networking logon error. At home i am able to easily logon in a peer to peer network using the default NT security without supplying a username and password however this will not work on the novell network. I have set up novel so that the two computers are visible to each other however i am not running the server side of the MSDE project from the novell server, just a workstation. (the network administrator tells me that normally in a novell network they are not visible to each other) Will my configuration work, and if so, What have i done wrong (or missed!)???

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Netware 4 and MSDE

by adamjedgar In reply to Netware 4 and MSDE

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Netware 4 and MSDE

by erikdr In reply to Netware 4 and MSDE

MSDE is a trimmed-down version of SQL Server.
Hence, you need a machine running as appserver and one as client. The client DOES need the Microsoft networking protocols and client activated in order to authenticate towards the server. This is completely independent from the Novell server, which can host the files (and appservers like Oracle) but not the MSDE server

So you'd need to set up peer-to-peer contact between the two workstations next to their Novell server link. When you runinto trouble with the two different identities there is heavyweight software like NDS for NT which can resolve that, but it doesn't seem worth it for what you want to accomplish...

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<Erik> - The Netherlands

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