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    Netware 4.11 intermittent priniting prob


    by collins_ms ·

    Running 4.11 with intranetware (SBE) win95/98 clients. Using a hp jet direct card with a HP laserjet 4si. Ocasionally, everyones jobs get back up in the queque and the only way to get things moving is unplugging the jetdirect card. Obviously, something is getting stuck, but I’m not sure what it is. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

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      Netware 4.11 intermittent priniting prob

      by alan ·

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      I’m assuming you have this set up via pserver.nlm? Do you have the HP JetAdmin utility installed anywhere? I have Jetadmin 3.4 installed to manage the 120+ networked HP printers we have. If an individual printer decides to ignore pserver, using Jetadmin I can reset the netware connection, or reboot the jetdirect card itself without going near the printer. This can be downloaded from HPs web site. The software that came with your 4Si is probably a bit dated. I have one HP 5 Mopier that this seems to occur on frequently, which tends to be when a number of complicated graphics have been printed, e.g. Tax forms from PDF files. I haven’t narrowed down to the precise type of job or jobs, but Jetadmin will keep you from needing to unplug the jetdirect card.

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      Netware 4.11 intermittent priniting prob

      by gregc ·

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      Make sure the Jetdirect firmware is at the latest level. My guess is it probably is several releases back. You can get this info from the printer by printing a test page. It will list what type Jet direct card you are using and the level of the firmware on the card. You can then go to HP page at and lookup the latest firmware. You will need to download the latest firmware and use HP’s download manger to download the latest code to the jetdirectcard. I would also make sure my server was running the latest Service Pack SP8A. At the time the problem is happening you should go to the server console and type DISPLAY SERVERS and see if the HP Jetdirect card is on the list. If it is not you have some kind of communication problem with the printer. Then I would check cabling, hubs, etc.. Hope this helps


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