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Netware 4.11 leaves users hanging

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I am new to networking and have been given the task of integrating a Windows 2000 Server with an existing Netware 4.11 Server. Compounding the problem is the NetVista Thin Client I need to have talking to Netware, through Win2K. I am not having a connection problem, but a disconnect problem. When the client disconnects from the Netware Server, he is "authenticated" and never deleted. the next time the client tries to reconnect, he gets a warning about too many concurrent connections. To make itwork I have to give the client "unlimited connections", but this does nothing to clean up my server.

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Known problem

by JimBb In reply to Netware 4.11 leaves users ...

Check this link:
(remove any spaces should they appear). In short, the "watchdog" feature, that checks for inactive connections, only checks the hardware address of the workstation, not the socket. So, if a user gets disconnected, the watchdog will poll the hardware (=your Thin Client server) and think that the connection is still active.

It seems to me your thin client doesn't log out properly, otherwise the authenticated connection would be terminated by that. And since the watchdog cannot do its job properly (a new design is on its way to tackle this), the server thinks all those people are still there.

You'll have to manually kill (=press <Delete> in Monitor) the not used connections...


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