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We have 2 Novell Servers in our ofice at 2 departments with 10 clients each.Connection to the Servers by the clients are by hubs. Hubs are not connected to each other.Recently our office has completed Structured cabling .Consequently the clients are connected to the Servers by means of workgroup switches and these workgroup switches are connected to Layer 3 Switches (Core Switches) which in turn has connectivity to our various other branches of our company though VSAT.The problem is that when a client of a partiular Novell Server tries to connect to his department's Server he finds that he is connected to the other department server. I am given to understand that this problem can be resolved by configuring VLANS but HOW DO I GO ABOUT IT.

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by JimBb In reply to NETWARE 4.2 MIRRORING

A client sends out a broadcast package asking to "Get Nearest Server", and the first server to reply to that ("Give nearest server")will be used to connect to. Since everyone is connected, there are a few tricks you can try:
-Set reply to get nearest server=off. You can do this via SERVMAN.NLM, or by adding the command to your autoexec.ncf file. This way you will have to tell your clients to which server they need to log in, or they won't find any server. But you have full control.
-Don'tuse the same Ethernet frame-type on both servers and their clients. Not the cleanest way to do things, but you have your VLANS without touching the switches.
-Or you can use your central routers or switches' software to prevent broadcasts to go from one workgroup to another. This way the "other side" will never receive either the "get nearest server" (requests from clients) or "give nearest server" (reply from server), so they won't know about each other during login. How that is done depends on the type and capabilities of those switches.


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