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Netware 5.1 and W2k Explorer

By Ming.Lam ·
I am still running Netware 5.1 and several W2k desktop, SP4. When I right click on a Netware server directory and select properties, it can take considerable time scanning the directory. All the while the Netware usage will shoot from under 10% utilisation to betweent 40 - 70% utilisation. System sloooows down. This does not happen with XP win Win98.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Netware 5.1 and W2k Explo ...

This could be caused by many things, but first comes to mind is the novell client. Are you running the lastest one? Does the server hold a copy of the root partition or any partition? If the client needs to talk to one of the root partition servers that is across the wan to find trustee info, That could be part of the slowdown.

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by Ming.Lam In reply to Netware 5.1 and W2k Explo ...

I had problems with 4.91sp2 so I just installed 4.91sp1 and problems remain. Being like that for several years, at least since 4.83. I reiterate that I have no problems with other versions of Windows.

Server does not have any partition but I'm less concerned with the speed that with Novell utilisation over 50% for the duration of file scan.


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by pierrejamme In reply to

And if they are using Office 2000 Office Toolbar-don't.
Office 2003 removed it for good reason.

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by Ming.Lam In reply to Netware 5.1 and W2k Explo ...

Thanks for the suggestions folks.
Makes little difference if Office toolbar is not used.
Makes no difference if Trend virus checking is not installed.
I have posted this at various times on various discussions and I'm not aware of anyone else having this very specific problem.
I now use other software to scan the directory, but I have little control of other users and fortunately they seldom do it.

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by robo_dev In reply to Netware 5.1 and W2k Explo ...

That's a known bug in the netware client

Novell TID # 10065560

You can do a workaround with some registry entries, or by tweaking some of the client settings:

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by Ming.Lam In reply to Netware 5.1 and W2k Explo ...

The latest solution refers to slow response when right click on any windows 2k shortcut. I am unaware of the solution and thanks for pointing that out. I have been living with this 10-15 secs wait and it is nice to know.

My problem is high Novell utilisation and it affects all users. It happens when I right click on a Novell drive and it last the duration of the drive scan.

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