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Netware and Windows 2000 Professional

By nabess ·
We are a medium corporation with about 125 clients on site. Our server runs Novell 4.11. We are using W95, W98, WNT, and W2k on our pc's. The problem is with w2k and the novell netware client 4.8 and 4.8sp3. We are having all kinds of problems with browsing the network, including not being able to browse at all, browsing but with slow response from Office 97 documents, and with HP printers. We have removed NDPS from our clients, but this problem still prevails. Policies? Any ideas welcome. So far, we find W2k and Novell client 4.71, 4.8, and 4.8sp3 nothing but a major pain....

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by davcrist In reply to Netware and Windows 2000 ...

Why not csnw - AND - does that still take forever? I have nw 4.11 sp6 w/ styandby server for F&P and A couple NT servers in an NT domain and it seems the csnw may be 'faster' (?perseption?). The next bunch are 2k pro (wuz nt4wks) and I haven't tried 4.81 with 2K - I'm considering giving up nwadmin for no client32. Any great ideas??

Thanx - Dave

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Runs o.k. on Netware 5x

by julie.schneider In reply to Netware and Windows 2000 ...

We have the same setup, except we're running Netware 5.0 SP4 with no problems.

Maybe it's the OS version and not the clients.

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Client 32

by tmcclure In reply to Netware and Windows 2000 ...

We had similar problems with 4.8. We bumped down to version 4.7, everything works fine.

I do not install service packs until I see problems. So start out without the patches.

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by JasonCCTC In reply to Netware and Windows 2000 ...

Possibly, other installed software is interfering with client32. We've had a lot of problems with Computer Associates' InoculateIT and client32 for Win9x and 2000.

Fdisk, format and reinstalled several workstations has helped as has installing older versions of anti-virus software.

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Netware 4.11 is obsolete, go to 5.1

by rzan In reply to Netware and Windows 2000 ...

Novell is expiring Netware 4.x and 5.0 by the end of this year. You should consider migrating your server to Netware 5.1. Your problem is that the 4.8 client expects your Windows 2000 machine to connect over pure IP using the SLP protocol. The problem is that your Netware 4.11 servers are IPX based and encapsulate NCP packets in IPX for authentication. Although 4.11 has an IP protocol stack, it cannot authenticate users over IP unless you have a product called NWIP (Netware IP) which is itself obsolete. Go to your client properties on the W2K machines and change the protocol preferereces and make IPX your preferred network protocol. Also, remove the microsoft client if you have in installed, unless you need it to authenticate to an NT domain or server on your network. Another thing to make sure is that you remove Netbeui protocol since is generates a lot of broadcast traffic. Make sure the server has enough RAM and that the available cache buffers are above 75% for optimal performance. Also check to make sure you don't have a disk channel bottleneck by looking at your dirty cache buffers. If they are more than 70% of your total cache buffers, then you have a faulty drive-array controller or the server is just too underpowered to process the amount of data being sent to it. Any detailed info you can provide will be very helpful.

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