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Netware conflicts with VPN client

By instrumentality ·
I am experiencing a conflict between my VPN client and my newly-installed Netware Client (version 4.90 SPa). In order for me to be able to see the Novell server/tree and log onto the Novell network, I must first disable the Deterministic Network Enhancer and deactivate my VPN client. I can then re-enable the DNE and connect to my VPN.

This work-around is a bit tedious. Can anyone suggest a more permanent solution which will allow both clients to function properly?

Note: The VPN client is provided by SonicWALL, but I imagine this problem would be true of any VPN company which uses the Deterministic Network Enhancere (e.g. Cisco).

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by Oz_Media In reply to Netware conflicts with VP ...

Border Manager is Novell's secure VPN solution that works seamlessly. I have had similar problems with third party WIFI and VPN clients with one Novell site. Usually the Netware knowledgbase gives the answers easy enough.

The Novell client isn't too friendly with others before NW 6.5.

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by instrumentality In reply to

I've made far too much of an investment in SonicWALL to make a switch to Novell's solution, and as yet, I haven't found anything helpful on the Netware knowledgebase.

Oddly enough, when I started up my computer today, I was able to authenticate to the Netware server. Maybe if I type fast enough I can get through before the VPN client kicks in. Weird.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Netware conflicts with VP ...

That's fine then, sorry i can't help further.
if you think Sonic Wall was an investment, it explains why you didn't go with Novell's offering.

THat's one thing you will battle with thougfh as Netware Admin, in future I would recommend using NW products or NW Certified third party add-ons.
You will not have these types of products if you use NW certified products as they are source code tested.

Unlike MS, NW actually shares source and works with third paties to test products against Netware. It's a different world than MS but a much safer and simpler one.

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by instrumentality In reply to

I hear ya. Unfortunately, my SonicWALL needs and my Netware needs are for two different companies, so I'm not in a position to discard one product in favor of the other.

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by instrumentality In reply to Netware conflicts with VP ...

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