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    Netware Disk Space


    by singhjunk ·

    My question here is that My Netware Volumes
    just keep on filling. Although I keep on running purge all the time but still they constantly seem to be filling. The intersenting part is that the directory entries shows that I have 92% free space and only 8% used while the disk usage shows that I have used 89% of the total space and only 11% is free. Can anybody tell me whats wrong here and how to solve this problem.

    Jasjeet Singh

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      Netware Disk Space

      by jmadden ·

      In reply to Netware Disk Space

      A common thing I have seen is when users of the server run certain reports out of an application that they would not normally run. What happens is when data files (specificly historical data) is not used on a normal basis, NW compresses it. When thedata is accessed, it un-compresses it, thus taking up disk space. I would look into adding disk space soon.

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